Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting


 Outbound calls to set and confirm upcoming appointments to ensure smooth time management. Maximize your sales team’s time with outsourced appointment setting services.

Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting


We call out to leads to identify decision makers, wants, needs, and suitability for follow-up. Streamline your sales process and grow your market with outsourced lead generation services. 

Client Profiling

Telephone Surveys

Telephone Surveys


Learn what products or services existing customers are looking for and find new demographics to target. Get the edge you’re looking for with our outsourced market research/client profiling services. 

Telephone Surveys

Telephone Surveys

Telephone Surveys


Client surveys help companies keep track of how well they’re doing and which areas to improve on. Get the data you need to grow and thrive in your niche or market. 


Why Us?


Our experience goes beyond the outbound realm to help identify other needs.


We can scale from 1 to 50 ... we are here to provide you what you need.


We become a part of your team and make sure that we represent the same high level of service expectations you have for your team employees.


No matter what your product or service needs are, we have the experience to help you grow!


We have designed a structure with the ability to deliver the services you need. We make sure we understand your objectives and develop a your team with the people that are best matched for your needs.

We make sure we fully understands your business, which includes your products, services and the leadership of your organization. We want to develop relationships with your prospects, build understanding and develop a conversation or script based on your requirements and your client's needs.

Our unique approach allows us to discover where the prospect is at and how we can help them move forward with your products and services. We make sure you receive a clear understanding, functional data and analysis, as well as qualified leads from a consistent marketing approach. This approach delivers a constant number of sales which has ensured client returns per month as the activity starts to grow.

We keep things simple so that we can maintain a higher level of deliverables to maintain a successful ongoing partnership with your organization.