Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an outsourced executive?

In short, you need more time and energy to devote to your business, and you need expert temporary executive advice to preserve your company's future. By outsourcing some executive roles, you lift the burden of financial and operational services from your shoulders.

Can I afford the services?

Our services are affordable to most small- and mid-sized businesses. Typically, most Executives have salaries that are 6 figures or more. Our companies have a variety of services that fit your business that have rates that are best for you. Our low overhead and fair rates allow you to obtain a seasoned executive at a historically unattainable cost.

How will ACS fit into my company?

For specific assignments we will work with designated key team members under ownership approval until the project is completed. For monthly engagements, we oversee your entire department organization. We can also oversee and advise for smaller companies. If you are looking for someone to answer questions and provide guidance you can sign up for our Executive Subscription services where you retain us on a monthly basis.


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