Using AI for Consumer Insights


Our platform helps unearth industry specific consumer and market insights in real time using all mentions on digital and social media platforms.


We go beyond sentiment analysis to characterize comments/posts/tweets/reviews with multiple dimensions so that meaningful and actionable insights can be generated.

Insights delivered by the product

We give insights about product, category, institutions, & competition by characterizing the buzz usi


  • Ability to handle multi-lingual streams
  • Designed with i18n/l10n in mind to target multiple geographies
  • Multi-tenancy cloud based architecture
  • SaaS based… Scalable.
  • RESTful design for easy integration with existing enterprise applications
  • Machine learning models to reduce noise and identify actionable comments. Reinforcement learning to enhance accuracy for specific industries

Our Solution Framework

  1. Listen: Ability to listen to all sources with brand mentions including social, PR & blogs. 
  2. Insight: Ability to draw insights about pain points of consumers, aspirations and trends.
  3. Act: Be able to resolve complaints, push products and create new products based on insights.


  • An overview of relevant charts across platforms.
  • Overall buzz volumes bifurcated by sentiment and sources.

Analyzing Competitive Landscape

  •   We understand your share of voice vs. competition and your brand’s engagement scores vs. competition.
  • Auris helps analyze what content works best by analyzing both your brand’s as well as competition’s social content.


Our platform connects seamlessly with popular support & CRM platforms. We can connect custom platforms as well.


  • Users can download raw data and ready PPTs for all analysis
  • Daily reports by email
  • Crisis alert by email
  • Custom reports & escalations (managed service)

Edge vs. Competition

  • Market research and insights discovery versus a pure-play social listening product
  • An “intelligence” and “data enrichment” platform versus a listening plus CRM tool.

Learn More About Social Listening

Check out how we can use our proprietary AI/ NLP based social listening and market research technology to help you monitor mentions, provide customer service and react to crises in real time. The listening capabilities are supplemented by a strong platform to escalate issues to various SPOCS and reduce the TAT to less than few hours for complex customer queries. 

Deep Dive Into Customer Data & Consumer Insights

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